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Are You Lying to Your Customers?

It seems like every company these days is trying to claim that they are innovative, trying to claim that they are customer-centric, trying to claim that their employees are important to them. But are they? Can all this be true? … Continue reading

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Are You Investing in an Innovation Culture?

Innovation is everywhere. You can’t go an entire commercial break during the Super Bowl or a State of the Union address (okay, sorry, both American examples) without hearing the word innovation pop up at least once or twice. Companies have … Continue reading

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Innovation QuickStart Guide

You know how sometimes when you order a product you get this inch-thick instruction manual that you never read, but also how there is sometimes a QuickStart Guide of 5-10 simple steps to get you up and running quickly? Well, … Continue reading

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Personal Innovation – Shine Your Star

I had a nice conversation with a friend from London today that I haven’t spoken with in a while and we got onto the topic of careers. We started talking about my article on Personal Innovation and how in most … Continue reading

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The Commodity Marketplace for Employees

There is a plethora of articles and books out there about how difficult it is to be in a commodity business. Books like “Blue Ocean Strategy” talk about it in terms of swimming away from the red ocean to the … Continue reading

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Innovate Yourself – Becoming Overpaid

A fun one from the archive (2007) I came across this article from MarketWatch on the Ten most overpaid jobs in the U.S. and thought it was worthy of discussing. I don’t want to focus on whether these occupations are … Continue reading

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