Commercial Licenses

Want to achieve faster and more effective change on a grand scale?

Now you can get a Commercial License directly on this web site or through a certified Human-Centered Change™ practitioner to increase the success of the projects or change initiatives inside your company or make money doing so for your clients.

Learning how to use the Change Planning Toolkit™ will create great opportunities for:

  • Organizations to build a continuous change capability
  • Consulting companies to increase revenue while achieving better client outcomes
  • Education companies to build new organizational change course offerings

The tools easily integrate with other change methodologies like ProSci’s ADKAR, the Association of Change Management Professionals’ (ACMP) Standard, and the PMBOK used by Project Management Professionals (PMP).

And all of the tools are designed for virtual workshops over Zoom or Microsoft Teams using collaboration tools like Miro, Mural, Microsoft Whiteboard, and LucidSpark.

Organizations purchasing a Commercial License will get access to a broad range of benefits for the agreed number of users, including:

  1. Access to all 70+ tools in the Change Planning Toolkit™
  2. Access to the QuickStart Guide to help people understand how to use each tool
  3. Access to poster size (35″x56″) versions of key tools, including the Change Planning Canvas™, Visual Project Charter™, and more
  4. Special discounts on public and private events
  5. Revenue earning potential on sales of site licenses to any other organizations

Choose one of two simple options and get started:

Change Planning Toolkit Commercial License Option 1Change Planning Toolkit Commercial License SpacerChange Planning Toolkit Commercial License Option 2

To maximize the availability and benefits, a commercial site license is designed to provide access to ALL of your employees, or you can purchase a regular commercial license for one or more named users.

Want a perpetual license instead of an annual one?

Then get the Lifetime Commercial License!**

Available now for only $999.99 per user
(a $36,999.00 value)

Contact me now to purchase your site license or
purchase a commercial license for one or more users here on the web site.

** NOTE: Lifetime refers to lifetime of the individual person or company

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