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Is Now the Time to Finally End Our Culture of Disposability?

Quality used to mean something to companies. A century ago, when people parted with their hard-earned money to buy something, they expected it to last one or more lifetimes. Durability was a key design criteria. But, as the stock market … Continue reading

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Why Change Must Be Built on Common Ground

GUEST POST from Greg Satell When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, one of the first things he did was develop a marketing campaign to rebrand the ailing enterprise. Leveraging IBM’s long running “Think” campaign, Apple urged its customers … Continue reading

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Can You Be TOO Strategic?

GUEST POST from Howard Tiersky While the lack of a clear strategy can create problems in any business, there is another end of that spectrum. Having a strategy means having clarity on what you want to achieve and a plan … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Unexpected Blackberry and Apple Problems

Thanks to Bettina von Stamm for bringing this comedic gem to my attention: It does a great job of highlighting how technology companies come along and completely change parts of our common language. For my non-European friends, Orange is a … Continue reading

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Are You Lying to Your Customers?

It seems like every company these days is trying to claim that they are innovative, trying to claim that they are customer-centric, trying to claim that their employees are important to them. But are they? Can all this be true? … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone 6 Killer App Revealed

While most people are focused on what the new Apple iPhone 6 hardware might look like and what new gizmos it might have, the real killer app for Apple’s latest refresh of their flagship mobile device will be an App … Continue reading

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Veracity Required for Innovation Success

A recent post by Jeffrey Phillips titled Velocity is the Only Innovation Outcome That Matters sparked respectful disagreement inside me. I believe that when it comes to innovation, veracity is more important than velocity. Let’s look at the definition of … Continue reading

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Premature Innovation

Prevailing business culture these days is obsessed with speed. People are obsessed with fast prototyping, failing fast, and getting to market fast. But too often people don’t stop to think whether their innovation efforts are going too fast. It’s almost … Continue reading

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Innovation Quotes of the Day – May 24, 2012

“We have a moral obligation to invent new technologies. What if Mozart had been born before the violin and harpsichord?” – Kevin Kelly “For whatever reason it may be easier for humans to ascribe innovation to one person (Steve Jobs, … Continue reading

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Dumping Facebook Ads the Obvious Choice for GM

The twittersphere erupted with news of GM’s announcement that it was refusing to pay for 2013 Super Bowl advertisements and $10 Million worth of advertising on Facebook. Much of the popular press and self-proclaimed social media experts are jumping on … Continue reading

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