Free Innovation Maturity Assessment

Braden Kelley’s 50 Question Innovation Audit

Free Innovation Maturity AssessmentInstructions

  1. Read each statement and determine how much you agree with each one, using this scale:
    • 0 – None
    • 1 – A Little
    • 2 – Partially
    • 3 – Often
    • 4 – Fully
  2. Select the answer for each question that is most appropriate.
  3. The form will score the innovation maturity assessment (aka Audit) and return a result to you via email along with the SCORING KEY and INNOVATION MATURITY MODEL image you see below
  4. Store the result as a baseline and come back annually and re-take the assessment to measure your progress!

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(We’ll email your score with the maturity model and scoring key)

Innovation Maturity Assessment Scoring Key (showing level of maturity)

Point totals are translated to the innovation maturity model as follows:

  • 000-100 = Level 1 – Reactive
  • 101-130 = Level 2 – Structured
  • 131-150 = Level 3 – In Control
  • 151-180 = Level 4 – Internalized
  • 181-200 = Level 5 – Continuously Improving

Innovation Maturity Model
Image adapted from the book Innovation Tournaments by Christian Terwiesch and Karl Ulrich

Second Option

Innovation Maturity AssessmentIf you would prefer you can download the Innovation Maturity Assessment (aka Innovation Audit) I promised in Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire as a Microsoft Excel workbook. I hope you find this innovation maturity assessment of use, and I thank you for buying the book!

Download the innovation maturity assessment as a Microsoft Excel workbook

Baixe a auditoria de inovação como uma pasta de trabalho do Microsoft Excel
(Portuguese translation by Mario Coseglio)


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(We’ll email your score with the maturity model and scoring key)

Best Option

Special OfferThe innovation maturity assessment is most powerful when answers are gathered at multiple levels of the organization across several groups and several sites.

I can help you organize a multiple group and/or multiple physical location survey of people in the organization to capture not just your level of innovation maturity, but also to provide preliminary innovation diagnostics on the areas of innovation challenge and opportunity in your organization.

I can set up a research study to capture a baseline innovation maturity level and analyze the data to unlock insights about the relative health of your innovation efforts. For a limited time, I will provide this service for the special introductory price of $499.99.

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(Get help using the innovation maturity assessment across multiple sites and job functions and analyzing the results)