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The Wonderful World of Downsizing

In Stikkee Situations we’ll try to take a humorous look at a lot of different serious business topics. In this episode we poke fun at the wonderful world of downsizing. Employees hate workforce reductions (aka downsizing), but some CEOs (even … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone 6 Killer App Revealed

While most people are focused on what the new Apple iPhone 6 hardware might look like and what new gizmos it might have, the real killer app for Apple’s latest refresh of their flagship mobile device will be an App … Continue reading

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Charitable Innovation – Disrupting for Good

The operational model for charities in this country is an ideal candidate for disruptive innovation. It strikes me as odd that charities, the organizations that really have the least to spend on marketing, spend such inordinate amounts of money and … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe the Innovation Hype

by Braden Kelley There are some strange rumors circulating out there that I’ve written a book. Before these rumors spin out of control, I thought I should address you, the loyal and valued readers of Blogging Innovation, and set the … Continue reading

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