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Technology Not Always the Key to Innovation

Humans love technology and often we make the mistake of thinking that technology is the only path to innovation. But there are many examples that prove this is often folly… The wine industry offers a couple of great examples. Alternative … Continue reading

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A Simple Idea to Save Oil

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Here is a great marketing campaign from S-Oil in South Korea which took the challenge of finding ways to decrease oil consumption in South Korea and turned it into a marketing campaign: In … Continue reading

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Are You Investing in an Innovation Culture?

Innovation is everywhere. You can’t go an entire commercial break during the Super Bowl or a State of the Union address (okay, sorry, both American examples) without hearing the word innovation pop up at least once or twice. Companies have … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Logo?

Every time I see this logo I cringe. If there is one logo in the world that is definitely in desperate need of updating, it is the logo of Sherwin Williams. My stomach turns at the site of the earth … Continue reading

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Innovation Comes in Many Forms

Innovation comes in all different forms, and there is more than one way to boost profits in organizations. Layoffs are not the only way to improve the bottom line when times get tough. Often asking the right questions can uncover … Continue reading

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