FutureHacking Foresight and Futurist Primer

Be Your Own Futurist

“FutureHacking™ is the art and science of getting to the future first.”

It’s a methodology created by Braden Kelley with a suite of simple, but powerful tools at its core that will enable you to be your own futurist.

FutureHacking™ is designed to make foresight and futurology accessible to the average business professional.

Prototyping the Future

FutureHacking™ is a revolutionary approach that empowers cross-functional leadership teams to visually prototype the future and collaboratively create the roadmap and guideposts for manifesting your preferred, possible future.

A Quick Foresight and Futurology Primer

1. What are Strategic and Market Foresight?

  • Strategic Foresight is about combining methods of futures work with those of strategic management. It is about understanding upcoming external changes in relation to internal capabilities and drivers.
  • Market Foresight is about the consideration of possible and probable futures in the organization’s relevant business environment, and about identifying new opportunities in that space.

Source: Aalto University

2. What is Futurology (or a Futurist)?

  • Futures studies, futures research, futurism or futurology is the systematic, interdisciplinary and holistic study of social and technological advancement, and other environmental trends, often for the purpose of exploring how people will live and work in the future. Predictive techniques, such as forecasting, can be applied, but contemporary futures studies scholars emphasize the importance of systematically exploring alternatives.
    Source: Wikipedia

FutureHacking Tool Collection

3. Why is Investing in Futures Research (or a Futurist) important?

  • Every stakeholder-responsible organization is compelled to realize its vision, execute its strategy, and achieve its goals – indefinitely. But, the future is uncertain. We cannot extrapolate that what has made an organization successful this year or last year will make it succeed in future years. Responsible organizations must invest in understanding the possible futures and realizing their preferable future. FutureHacking™ makes this investment much easier, cheaper and faster – helping you get to the future first.

Four Simple But Powerful FutureHacking™ Steps:

  • STEP ONE: Picking the Signals That Matter
  • STEP TWO: Mapping Signal Evolution
  • STEP THREE: Choosing the Possible, Probable and Preferable Future
  • STEP FOUR: Making Your Preferable Future a Reality

Three Types of FutureHacking™ Tools:

  1. FutureSignals™ tools
  2. NowBuilder™ tools
  3. FutureCanvas™ alternate future tools

We will add more details about this simple but powerful collection of futurology & foresight tools and the reasons to become a certified FutureHacking™ practitioner soon.

“FutureHacking™ tools help you facilitate the future.”

Two Ways to Join the FutureHacking™ Ecosystem

  • Data and trend research partners to create service offerings as an input into the FutureSignals™ component
  • Futurists, consulting partners, and technology providers (interactive whiteboarding, etc.) to get FutureHacking™ certified and profit from the delivery of services to help people leverage the FutureSignals™, NowBuilder™ and FutureCanvas™ tools

One Way to Connect and Succeed

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