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Apple iPhone 6 Killer App Revealed

While most people are focused on what the new Apple iPhone 6 hardware might look like and what new gizmos it might have, the real killer app for Apple’s latest refresh of their flagship mobile device will be an App … Continue reading

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Where is your Innovation Friction?

How should firms develop the organizational structure, culture, and incentives (e.g., for teams) to encourage successful innovation? When it comes to creating an innovation culture, often people make it far too complicated. If you’re part of the senior leadership team … Continue reading

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Innovation Costs of Reducing the Flow of Immigrants and Travelers to USA

September 11th was a traumatic event for the psychology of the nation but also for its innovation capacity. After 9/11 the United States started admitting fewer highly skilled immigrants, invited fewer students to come study here, and companies and consumers … Continue reading

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Business Model Innovation?

Nearly five years ago I wrote this article, but I think it is worth dredging it up out of the archives because there is such misunderstanding out there about what business model innovation is. This article highlights some of the … Continue reading

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4 Days to Innovate

The clock is ticking on the congressional “supercommittee” – a panel comprised of six Republicans and six Democrats charged with issuing a plan to balance the nation’s budget. The bipartisan gathering has only four days until their deadline to submit … Continue reading

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