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Braden Kelley
Phone: +1 (206) 349-8931
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If you’re looking for help with one of the following, please contact me:

  1. A dynamic keynote speaker or workshop leader for your upcoming innovation event
  2. Licensing the Change Planning Toolkit™ to empower every resident of your city/state/country or every employee of your organization with more visual, collaborative and successful Human-Centered Change™.
  3. Sponsoring the Human-Centered Innovation Toolkit™ for more efficient and effective innovation efforts.
  4. Creating a Culture of Continuous Innovation (via training or coaching)
  5. Innovation Training for your leaders or employees (eLearning or on-site training)
  6. Executing a successful digital transformation or organizational change supported by:

If you have questions about my availability or the tools or services I provide, please submit your details, and I’ll contact you as soon as I can.

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