Top 100 Innovation and Transformation Articles of 2021

Top 100 Innovation and Transformation Articles of 2021

2021 marked the re-birth of my original Blogging Innovation blog as a new blog called Human-Centered Change and Innovation.

Many of you may know that Blogging Innovation grew into the world’s most popular global innovation community before being re-branded as and being ultimately sold to

Thanks to an outpouring of support I’ve ignited the fuse of this new multiple author blog around the topics of human-centered change, innovation, transformation and design.

I feel blessed that the global innovation and change professional communities have responded with a growing roster of contributing authors and more than 15,000 newsletter subscribers.

To celebrate we’ve pulled together the Top 100 Innovation and Transformation Articles of 2021 from our archive of over 700 articles on these topics.

We do some other rankings too.

We just published the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2021 and as the volume of this blog grows we may bring back a monthly ranking to complement this annual one.

But enough delay, here are the 100 most popular innovation and transformation posts of 2021.

Did your favorite make the cut?

1. All Leadership is Change Leadership – by Randy Pennington

2. Next Generation Loyalty – Part One – by Braden Kelley

3. Visual Project Charter™ – 35″ x 56″ (Poster Size) and JPG for Online Whiteboarding – by Braden Kelley

4. Where Do Innovation Strategies Usually Go Wrong? – by Jesse Nieminen

5. Black Friday Shows No Loyalty – by Braden Kelley

6. The Fail Fast Fallacy – by Rachel Audige

7. Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2020 – by Braden Kelley

8. What is Human-Centered Change? – by Braden Kelley

9. 10 Clever Ways to Stop Ideation Bullies from Hogging Your Brainstorming Sessions – by Howard Tiersky

10. 50 Cognitive Biases Reference – Free Download – by Braden Kelley

11. Free Customer Experience Maturity Assessment – by Braden Kelley

12. The Human-Centered Change Methodology – by Braden Kelley

13. Innovation vs. Invention vs. Creativity – by Braden Kelley

14. America Drops Out of the Ten Most Innovative Countries – by Braden Kelley

15. The One Movie All Electric Car Designers Should Watch – by Braden Kelley

16. Nine Innovation Roles – by Braden Kelley

17. No Regret Decisions: The First Steps of Leading through Hyper-Change – by Phil Buckley

18. Free Innovation Maturity Assessment – by Braden Kelley

19. Myths About Physician Entrepreneurs – by Arlen Meyers

20. Human-Centered Change – Free Tools – by Braden Kelley

21. The Five Keys to Successful Change – by Braden Kelley

22. Discipline Has a Role in Innovation – by Jesse Nieminen

23. Advances in the Management of Worthless Meeting Syndrome – by Arlen Meyers

24. 550 Quote Posters – by Braden Kelley

25. The Jobs-to-be-Done Playbook – by Braden Kelley

26. We Need a More Biological View of Technology – by Greg Satell

27. Free Human-Centered Change Tools – by Braden Kelley

28. Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire – by Braden Kelley

29. The Pyramid of Results, Motivation and Ability – by Braden Kelley

30. Experience Thinking – The Next Evolution for Design Thinking – by Anthony Mills

Build a common language of innovation on your team

31. Scaling Innovation – The What, Why, and How – by Jesse Nieminen

32. Charting Change – by Braden Kelley

33. The Experiment Canvas™ – 35″ x 56″ (Poster Size) – by Braden Kelley

34. To Change the World You Must First Learn Something About It – by Greg Satell

35. Digital Transformation Virtual Office Hours – Session One – by Braden Kelley

36. Lead Innovation, Don’t Manage It – by Arlen Meyers

37. Are doctors wasting their time on entrepreneurship? – by Arlen Meyers

38. What is design thinking? – EPISODE FIVE – Ask the Consultant – by Braden Kelley

39. Zoom Tutorial – Amazing New PowerPoint Background Feature – by Braden Kelley

40. COVID-19 Presents an Opportunity to Create an Innovation Culture – by Pete Foley

41. Increasing Organizational Agility – by Braden Kelley

42. Innovation Requires Going Fast, Slow and Meta – by Greg Satell

43. Remote Project Management – The Visual Project Charter™ – by Braden Kelley

44. Is innovation everyone’s job? – by Braden Kelley

45. What is your level of Innovation Maturity? – by Braden Kelley

46. Flaws in the Crawl Walk Run Methodology – by Braden Kelley

47. Innovation Teams Do Not Innovate – by Janet Sernack

48. We’re Disrupting People Instead of Industries Now – by Greg Satell

49. Don’t Forget to Innovate the Customer Experience – by Braden Kelley

50. Change Management Needs to Change – by Greg Satell

Accelerate your change and transformation success

51. Everyone hates to fail, why do you? – by Janet Sernack

52. Going with the Flow – by John Bessant

53. Can You Be TOO Strategic? – by Howard Tiersky

54. Competing in a New Era of Innovation – by Greg Satell

55. Fast Company is Wrong – by Braden Kelley

56. A New Age Of Innovation and Our Next Steps – by Greg Satell

57. Avoid the Addition Bias – by Paul Sloane

58. Visualizing Project Planning Success – by Braden Kelley

59. Innovation Ecosystems and Information Rheology – by Arlen Meyers

60. Rise of the Evangelist – by Braden Kelley

61. Creating 21st Century Transformational Learning – by Janet Sernack

62. Re-Skilling and Upskilling People & Teams – by Janet Sernack

63. Creating a Movement that Drives Transformational Change – by Braden Kelley

64. How to Scale Your Culture – by Arlen Meyers

65. A Trigger Strategy for Driving Radical, Transformational Change – by Greg Satell

66. Human-Centered Innovation Toolkit – by Braden Kelley

67. You Must Play and Experiment to Create and Innovate – by Janet Sernack

68. Managing Both the Present and the Future – by Janet Sernack

69. Why Change Failure Occurs – by Greg Satell

70. Developing a Future-Fitness Focus – by Janet Sernack

71. Using Intuition to Drive Innovation Success – by Braden Kelley

72. The Academic Intrapreneur Dossier – by Arlen Meyers

73. The Rise of Employee Relationship Management (ERM) – by Braden Kelley

74. An Example of Successful Alchemy – by John Bessant

75. The Dreaded Perfect Entrepreneur – by Arlen Meyers

76. Should intrapreneurs really ask for forgiveness and not permission? – by Arlen Meyers

77. Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow – by Robert B. Tucker

78. Importance of Long-Term Innovation – by Greg Satell

79. Co-creating Future-fit Organizations – by Janet Sernack

80. What you should learn from the Google Health failure – by Arlen Meyers

Get the Change Planning Toolkit

81. Teaching to Win the 4th Industrial Revolution – by Arlen Meyers

82. Catalysing Change Through Innovation Teams – by Janet Sernack

83. Innovation and the Scientific Method – by Jesse Nieminen

84. Being Too Focused on the Test is Dangerous – by Arlen Meyers

85. Architecting the Organization for Change – by Braden Kelley

86. Healthcare Jugaad Innovation of a 17-Year-Old – by Braden Kelley

87. New Capability Mapping Tools for Business Architects – by Braden Kelley

88. How can I create continuous innovation in my organization? – EPISODE TWO – Ask the Consultant – by Braden Kelley

89. Thank You for Your Thinkers50 Nominations – by Braden Kelley

90. Preparing for Organizational Transformation in a Post-COVID World – by Greg Satell

91. Why Change is Hard – by Braden Kelley

92. Building a Better Change Communication Plan – by Braden Kelley

93. What is digital transformation? – EPISODE THREE – Ask the Consultant – by Braden Kelley

94. ACMP Standard for Change Management® Visualization – 35″ x 56″ (Poster Size) – Association of Change Management Professionals – by Braden Kelley

95. Borrow an Idea from a Different Field – by Paul Sloane

96. How to Go From Nail It to Scale It – by Arlen Meyers

97. Innovation in the time of Covid – Satisfycing Organizations – by Pete Foley

98. Sickcare Culture of Conformity versus a Culture of Creativity – by Arlen Meyers

99. Start 2021 with a Free Innovation Audit (Now in Portuguese or English) – by Braden Kelley

100. Outsmarting Those Who Want to Kill Change – by Greg Satell

Curious which article just missed the cut? Well, here it is just for fun:

101. Why so much medical technoskepticism? – by Arlen Meyers

These are the Top 100 innovation and transformation articles of 2021 based on the number of page views. If your favorite Human-Centered Change & Innovation article didn’t make the cut, then send a tweet to @innovate and maybe we’ll consider doing a People’s Choice List for 2021.

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