Change Planning Toolkit™

Charting Change - Order NowI’ve created a lot of great new intellectual property including a new Change Planning Canvas™ to go into the book and into a new Change Planning Toolkit™ that is now available to make your change planning efforts more visual and collaborative, and to help you get everyone literally all on the same page for change. The toolkit has been created to help organizations:

  1. Beat the 70% failure rate for change programs
  2. Quickly visualize, plan and execute change efforts
  3. Deliver projects and change efforts on time
  4. Accelerate implementation and adoption
  5. Get valuable tools for a low investment

The tools easily integrate with other change methodologies like ProSci’s ADKAR, the Association of Change Management Professionals’ (ACMP) Standard, and the PMBOK used by Project Management Professionals (PMP).

And all of the tools are designed for virtual workshops over Zoom or Microsoft Teams using collaboration tools like Miro, Mural, Microsoft Whiteboard, and LucidSpark.

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UPDATE: If you have already purchased the book and are looking to access the supporting material, please contact me with your proof of purchase and I’ll send you the file.

Learning how to use the Change Planning Toolkit™ will create great opportunities for:

  • Organizations to build a continuous change capability
  • Consulting companies to increase revenue while achieving better client outcomes
  • Education companies to build new organizational change course offerings

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