The Experiment Canvas™ – 35″ x 56″ (Poster Size)



The Experiment Canvas

The Experiment Canvas™ is a free innovation tool from Braden Kelley, author of the book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons.

I’ve created a lot of great new intellectual property to go into the book and into a new Disruptive Innovation Toolkit™ to help you move beyond incremental innovation in a more visual and collaborative way. The toolkit has been created to help organizations:

  1. Build a common language for innovation
  2. Quickly visualize, plan and execute innovation efforts
  3. Push the boundaries of innovation using a value-centric approach
  4. Get valuable tools for a low investment

Learning how to use the Disruptive Innovation Toolkit™ will create great opportunities for:

  • Organizations to build a continuous innovation capability
  • Consulting companies to increase revenue while achieving better client outcomes
  • Education companies to build new innovation course offerings

To help people jump start their innovation efforts, I am making a few of the tools (frameworks, worksheets, etc.) contained in the toolkit available here on this site, including this download as a premium 35″ x 56″ scalable PDF. It also prints nicely on 11″x17″ paper (A3) or can also be used as a background in online whiteboard tools like Miro, Mural, LucidSpark, Microsoft Whiteboard, Google Jamboard, etc.

The Experiment Canvas™ is designed to help people instrument for learning fast in iterative new product development (NPD) or service development activities. The canvas will help you create new innovation possibilities in a more visual and collaborative way for greater alignment, accountability, and more successful outcomes.

One good place to get it printed at this size to put up on your wall for your design thinking or other iterative development sessions is for about $50.00 plus or minus depending on any specials they might be running.

This framework is one of the optional components of the Disruptive Innovation Toolkit™.


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