50 Cognitive Biases Reference – Free Download

by Braden Kelley

I came across this cognitive biases infographic from TitleMax and it has a lot of great information in it, but…

The problem with long, information-rich infographics like this is that they’re hard to consume on the screen in their entirety, you can’t print them in a legible way, and they’re hard to leverage in your work. The creators of this infographic did a nice job of capturing a wide range of cognitive biases, which makes this a quite useful tool for design thinking, but not in this format.

To help everyone out, I’ve taken the original infographic and reformatted it into a five page PDF for easy reading and printing on 8.5″ x 11″ letter size paper.

Click here to download the 50 Cognitive Biases PDF (8.5″x11″)

See the original infographic below (click to access the source image):

Cognitive Biases Infographic

Click here to download the 50 Cognitive Biases PDF (8.5″x11″)

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3 thoughts on “50 Cognitive Biases Reference – Free Download

  1. Rob K

    Hi, and thanks for this 6 page pdf! I’m a secondary school teacher and want to post these on the wall for easy reference – perhaps not all 50, but it would be great to have 1 per page I can laminate and post.

    Do you know of any other formats?


    1. admin

      I am not aware of any other ready-to-go one-per-page formats. It could definitely be done with the requisite amount of cropping, copying and pasting. If anyone wants to undertake it I will share your hard work back out with proper crediting.


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