Visual Project Charter™ – 35″ x 56″ (Poster Size) and JPG for Online Whiteboarding



Visual Project CharterThe Change Planning Toolkit™ from Braden Kelley is introduced in the book Charting Change (Second Edition) from Palgrave Macmillan (Feb 2024).

The book highlights best practices of organizational change and introduces next practices for making change efforts (including projects) a more visual, collaborative, and human exercise, enabling you to get everyone literally on the same page for change.

The Change Planning Toolkit™ helps organizations:

  • Beat the 70% failure rate for change efforts
  • Quickly visualize, plan and execute change efforts
  • Deliver more projects and change efforts on-time
  • Accelerate implementation and adoption

The Visual Project Charter™ helps organizations:

  • Move beyond the Microsoft Word document
  • Make the creation of Project Charters more fun!
  • Kickoff projects in a more collaborative, more visual way
  • Structure dialogue to capture the project overview, project scope,
    project conditions and project approach

This download is a premium 35″ x 56″ scalable PDF that I am making available to buyers for use in planning their projects in a more visual and collaborative way for greater alignment, accountability, and more successful outcomes.

One good place to get it printed at this size to put up on your wall for your cross-functional project charter collaborative meeting is for about $50.00 plus or minus depending on any specials they might be running.

UPDATE: I’ve also just added a jpeg image (JPG) version as part of the download package for people wanting to use the Visual Project Charter™ with online whiteboarding tools like Miro, Mural, LucidSpark and Microsoft Whiteboard to facilitate remote collaboration inside of a Zoom, Cisco WebEx or Microsoft Teams virtual session.

This framework is one of the optional components of the Change Planning Toolkit™.


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