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The ABCDEs of Technology Adoption

GUEST POST from Arlen Meyers, M.D. Every day, doctors have to make daily decisions about whether or not to adopt a new technology and add it their clinical armamentarium, either replacing or supplementing what they do. In doing so, they … Continue reading

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Why so much medical technoskepticism?

Guest Post from Arlen Meyers Medicine has transitioned from high touch to high tech to low trust. The explosion of post COVID technology “innovations” is leaving a wake of skepticism from the healing class. As noted, Covid-19 let virtual medicine out … Continue reading

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What is digital transformation? – EPISODE THREE – Ask the Consultant

Live from the Innovation Studio comes EPISODE THREE of a new ‘Ask the Consultant’ series of short form videos. EPISODE THREE aims to answer a question that many people struggle to answer or accurately discuss: “What is digital transformation?” Digital … Continue reading

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Transform Your Business with a Change Success Manager

“Stealing the role of customer success manager from the world of SaaS is the key to making your digital transformation efforts a success.” I was speaking with a headhunter recently about some of the roles she was recruiting for and … Continue reading

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Digital Transformation versus Digital Strategy

In my last article, Digital Transformation Matters, we looked at the accelerating pace of change, the case for digital transformation, and our evolving interactions with technology. We also asked a simple question: Are you ready to do business in a … Continue reading

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Will Health Sensors Make iWatch the Must Have Wearable?

Back in the 1990’s NBC referred to Thursday night as must watch television, and when it comes to making the transformation from invention to innovation, an innovation often needs a ‘Must Have’ feature. So, with rumors swirling about the potential … Continue reading

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Shocking People into Buying Your Product

It costs a lot of money to make a television commercial, and at its core what is a television advertisement? It’s a short piece of video designed to reinforce brand values and attachment, or possibly with any luck, to drive … Continue reading

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Innovation Quotes of the Day – May 24, 2012

“We have a moral obligation to invent new technologies. What if Mozart had been born before the violin and harpsichord?” – Kevin Kelly “For whatever reason it may be easier for humans to ascribe innovation to one person (Steve Jobs, … Continue reading

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Innovation or Invention? – Nokia’s Vibrating Tattoos

It was recently discovered that Nokia Corp. has filed for a tattoo that would send “a perceivable impulse” to your skin whenever someone pings you on your phone, ensuring you may never miss another phone call, text or email alert … Continue reading

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