Announcing the Second Edition of Charting Change

Announcing the Second Edition of Charting ChangeThanks to the popularity of the First Edition of Charting Change, I am privileged and excited to announce the early availability of the Second Edition of Charting Change, my best selling book on planning and executing organizational change and transformation used as a course book by universities around the world.

What was the impetus for the book and what’s new you might ask?

Executives are under escalating pressure to deliver increasing profits every quarter, while technology advances at an increasing rate. In such a pressure-cooker environment, leaders must hard-wire their organizations to be mindful of costs while simultaneously becoming more flexible and faster at planning and executing the change programs required by innovation and the shifting demands of the customer. The companies that successfully innovate and stay at the top of their industries have one thing in common – they learn fast and manage change well.

Charting Change (Second Edition) provides a set of visual tools that will help you build a coherent approach to change, identifying both the things that will help make the effort successful, and those people and barriers that will try to block the way. Leaders that read and absorb this book will be able to make productive use of the tools to drive buy-in, alignment, and successful change outcomes across the organization, its systems, and its culture.

This second edition features new topics such as architecting for change, overcoming resistance to change, systems thinking, and building a continuous change culture, as well as new visual tools such as the Organizational Agility Framework. This book will help leaders and managers visualize, plan, and execute change and transformation in a more accessible, visual, and collaborative way. Once you are done reading Charting Change (Second Edition) you will approach any big change with confidence.

Kate HammerWhynde KuehnSPECIAL BONUS:

AND, the new edition also includes two new Guest Expert sections from Kate Hammer on storyFORMing and Whynde Kuehn on Business Architecture!

SPECIAL DEAL: To celebrate the launch of the hardcover (free shipping worldwide*) and the eBook, my publisher is offering everyone the special 40% off employee discount when you enter the discount code EMP24 through February 24, 2024 directly on the Springerlink web site.

SPECIAL ASK: If you purchased the First Edition of Charting Change and left a review on Amazon, please go to the First Edition page on Amazon and copy your review and paste is a review on the Second Edition page on Amazon. This will give people looking at the Second Edition page on Amazon a much more alive page to browse when they are considering purchasing the book. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t copy over the reviews when a new edition is released. Thank you in advance!

I am eternally grateful to everyone who supports the Human-Centered Change and Innovation blog with your readership. Getting a copy of the Second Edition of Charting Change is a great way of supporting my efforts in bringing you the very best thought leadership on human-centered change, innovation, transformation and experience design topics not just from myself, but from all of our amazing contributing authors as well.

Keep innovating!

What People Are Saying

Daniel H Pink “There’s no denying it: Change is scary. But it’s also inevitable. In Charting Change, Braden Kelley gives you a toolkit and a blueprint for initiating and managing change in your organization, no matter what form it takes.”
– Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and To Sell is Human
Eric Hieger “Thoughtful, thorough, and practical is the rare blend that Braden has achieved in this Change Management field guide. Much more than a series of tactics, Charting Change will explicitly, sequentially, and visually help users create a diverse set of experiences for stakeholders that will most certainly increase likelihood of success.”
– Eric D. Hieger, Psy.D., Business Transformation and Change Leadership Practice Lead at ADP
Denise Fletcher “As the pace of change speeds up, the market disruptions and resulting changes can be daunting for all. We all wish we could predict how change will affect our business, our market and our people. No matter what business area you come from, change affects us all and can produce great outcomes when managed well. In Braden Kelley’s newest book, Charting Change, he provides a terrific toolkit to manage this process and make it stick.”
– Denise Fletcher, Chief Innovation Officer, Xerox
Phil McKinney “Braden Kelley and his merry band of guest experts have done a nice job of visualizing in Charting Change how to make future change efforts more collaborative. Kelley shows how to draw out the hidden assumptions and land mines early in the change planning process, and presents some great techniques for keeping people aligned as a change effort or project moves forward.”
– Phil McKinney, retired CTO for Hewlett-Packard and author of Beyond the Obvious
Marshall Goldsmith “Higher employee retention? Increased revenue? Process enhancements? Whatever your change goal, Charting Change is full of bright ideas and invaluable visual guides to walk you through change in any area where your organization needs it.”
– Marshall Goldsmith is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Now available at all of the Amazon online bookstores (USA, UK, CA, DE, FR, JP) and many other retailers around the world.

SpringerLink offers free shipping worldwide* (40% off employee discount through February 24, 2024 with code EMP24).

Amazon Kindle version is now available in English at various Amazon sites around the world (USA, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR, JP)!

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