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Co-creating Future-fit Organizations

GUEST POST from Janet Sernack In our second blog in this series of three, we opened the door to a threshold for a new kind of co-creative, collaborative and cohesive team spirit that catalyzes change through “innovation evangelism”. Focusing on building both … Continue reading

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Innovation Teams Do Not Innovate

Guest Post from Janet Sernack In our first blog in this series of three blogs, we reinforced and validated the importance and role of collaboration. We then described the range of emerging new, inspirational, and adaptive models that lean into complexity and … Continue reading

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Avoid the Addition Bias

Guest Post from Paul Sloane Have you noticed that almost every photo that you take with your camera or mobile phone can be improved by cropping?  As we take away extraneous background details, we bring the subject into clearer view.  … Continue reading

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Three Actions to Become More Innovative

‘What are three specific actions that a non-innovative company can take to become more innovative?’ Sometimes I think that people out there talking about innovation try and make crafting a good innovation process sound harder than it is and the … Continue reading

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Social Media is the Glue of Innovation

Social media serves an incredibly important role in innovation. Social media functions as the glue to stick together incomplete knowledge, incomplete ideas, incomplete teams, and incomplete skillsets. Social media is not some mysterious magic box. Ultimately it is a tool … Continue reading

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Where is your Innovation Friction?

How should firms develop the organizational structure, culture, and incentives (e.g., for teams) to encourage successful innovation? When it comes to creating an innovation culture, often people make it far too complicated. If you’re part of the senior leadership team … Continue reading

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Trendspotting Trifecta

‘Who should be responsible (if anyone) for trend-spotting and putting emerging behaviors and needs into context for a business?’ I believe this question should really be broken up because there are three VERY different (and incredibly important) pursuits intermingled here: … Continue reading

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Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce

Not much has changed since 2010 when on Blogging Innovation (which has now become Innovation Excellence) we asked the following question as part of a series of Innovation Perspectives: What product or sector is in desperate need of innovation?‘. Here … Continue reading

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Innovation – Marketing versus Engineering

What are the roadblocks and critical relationships between marketing and engineering in the cause of advancing innovation? Let me start off by recommending that you watch the movie I’ve embedded, as it does a great job of describing how there … Continue reading

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Who should own innovation?

When I think about who should ‘own’ or manage innovation, and where it should reside in an organization, I believe the answer is obviously “It depends.” There cannot be a single answer for these questions because every organization’s strategy and … Continue reading

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