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Partners Wanted – Taking Nine Innovation Roles Global

I was in Boston, MA last week for the Front End of Innovation conference and had the opportunity to train dozens of potential corporate Nine Innovation Roles trainers as part of my quest to set the Nine Innovation Roles free … Continue reading

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Announcing FREE Nine Innovation Roles Resources

I have big news that I’m extremely excited to share with you today. I’m proud to announce today that I’m setting The Nine Innovation Roles free. What does that mean exactly? It means that for the greater good, I am … Continue reading

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Simple Process Innovation – School Bus Style

I was speaking with a friend recently about school, and the topic of tired teenagers came up. He said he mentioned to a member of the school board that they should start high school later so that the teenagers could … Continue reading

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Would you rather get an MBA or start a business?

I came across the infographic that I thought was interesting and thought I would share about the cost of an MBA and whether it is worth it. As a career switcher, getting an MBA helped me change the direction of … Continue reading

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Stop Praying for Education Reform

When it comes to education, we should adopt Nike’s famous motto and ‘Just Do It’. In the United States (and probably many other countries around the world), it has become a popular pastime to complain about the state of the … Continue reading

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Innovation Costs of Reducing the Flow of Immigrants and Travelers to USA

September 11th was a traumatic event for the psychology of the nation but also for its innovation capacity. After 9/11 the United States started admitting fewer highly skilled immigrants, invited fewer students to come study here, and companies and consumers … Continue reading

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Narrowing the Widening American Skills Gap

Employers today are having trouble finding good workers and resent having to train them after the educational system is done with them. The skills gap – the difference between the skills needed on the job and those possessed by the … Continue reading

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Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce

Not much has changed since 2010 when on Blogging Innovation (which has now become Innovation Excellence) we asked the following question as part of a series of Innovation Perspectives: What product or sector is in desperate need of innovation?‘. Here … Continue reading

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Innovation through the Eyes of a Child

I’m currently reading Creating Innovators and so I thought I would share the classic post from 2009 below. In the first video, Gever Tulley describes our child safety-obsessed culture and the impact this has on the young minds of our … Continue reading

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Innovation Requires Diagonal Thinking

The outcome of a back and forth of a dialog on Twitter with Scramray E. Pinkus generated a lovely quote worth sharing: “Innovating is like thinking diagonally. A perfect combination of both linear and lateral.” – Scramray E. Pinkus (@Easelton) … Continue reading

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