Next Generation Leadership Traits and Characteristics

Next Generation Leadership Traits and Characteristics

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What are the traits and characteristics for a new generation of leaders, those who will shape the future in this sea of uncertainty?

To me, this is more about mindset than age. However, the mindset which I hint at below and that I believe we need more of reside well within the younger generation.

Thus, we could see a higher number of younger executives in the coming years even though they lack the leadership experience and skills that have been normal for leaders in their roles. They need to learn fast and hopefully do this while being surrounded with experiences in different ways.

I think this will be most prominent in Asia and even parts of Africa and South America where there is a stronger belief in the future compared to Europe and even the USA with its stronger sentiment of complacency as well as many overwhelming challenges.

Many current executives will of course also develop in good ways so I suggest we look for traits and characteristics in both groups such as:

  1. Holistic point of view (intrapreneurial skills)
  2. Understanding of psychological safety and the growth mindset (and ability to lead with and through this)
  3. Ability to constructively handle conflict
  4. Optimism, passion and drive
  5. Curiosity and belief in change
  6. Tolerance for / ability to deal with uncertainty
  7. Adaptive fast learner with sense of urgency
  8. Talent for networking / strategic influencing

The desired end-game? Leaders who are capable of the almost super-human task of both managing day-to-day activities and shaping the future.

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By shaping the future, I mean the ability to thrive with transformation/change, apply new ways of working and improve collaboration capabilities while pursing new business opportunities and innovation.

Just a discussion starter. What do you think?

Image Credit: Pexels, Stefan Lindegaard

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