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The Eleven Change Roles

Change is Hard Change can be complicated, change can be confusing, and change can be difficult to successfully implement in any organization. This is why 70% of change initiatives have been found to fail. To help make change less overwhelming, … Continue reading

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Why Change is Accelerating

In previous articles I’ve spoken about how the pace of change is accelerating, and how for many people (and organizations) things are changing so fast that they feel overwhelmed and that things may be changing faster than some of us … Continue reading

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First Interview about ‘Charting Change’

I was lucky enough to (a) get Tanveer Nasser to contribute some thought leadership to my new book Charting Change (launching March 9, 2016!) and (b) to be a guest recently on his leadership podcast. Here is a quick snippet … Continue reading

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‘Charting Change’ Now Launching on March 9th

To supporters of my first book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire and my latest book Charting Change, I am sad to say that the launch date for my new book, designed to make change less overwhelming and more human, has moved … Continue reading

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Standardizing Change

In The Five Keys to Successful Change I highlight five key areas for organizations to focus on if they are serious about building a strong, sustainable capability in organizational change, including: Change Planning Change Leadership Change Management Change Maintenance Change … Continue reading

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The Change Planning Toolkit™ is Now Available

It’s finally here! Following the success of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, it has become abundantly clear in my work with clients that for any organization to be good at innovation they must be good at change. Not surprisingly, research shows … Continue reading

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Change Resistance is Not Inevitable

The idea that people always resist change is a lie, and it is extremely damaging to organization’s seeking to increase their organizational agility. The truth is that people only resist changes that they either do not understand or for which … Continue reading

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