Change Planning Toolkit™ Basic License – Instant Access Edition


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Purchase this Change Planning Toolkit™ Basic License – Instant Access Edition and we will order you a copy of the digital version of Charting Change (Second Edition) — AND grant you INSTANT ACCESS to your Change Planning Toolkit™ Basic License for individual educational purposes only!

People seeking to use any of this intellectual property for professional or commercial purposes will want to contact me about purchasing an affordable site license.

The Change Planning Toolkit™ is introduced in the book Charting Change (Second Edition) from Palgrave Macmillan and helps organizations:

  • Beat the 70% failure rate for change efforts
  • Quickly visualize, plan and execute change efforts
  • Deliver more projects and change efforts on-time
  • Accelerate implementation and adoption

The book highlights best practices of organizational change and introduces next practices for making change efforts (including projects) a more visual, collaborative, and human exercise, enabling you to get everyone literally on the same page for change.

The Basic License includes access to 26 of the 70+ frameworks, worksheets, and other tools (including the Change Planning Canvas™) in a 11″x17″ downloadable PDF format. To get access to poster size versions (35″x56″) of these tools, please contact me about upgrading to an affordable site license.

Get the new Change Planning Toolkit™ downloadsTo get instant access to ALL 70 frameworks, worksheets, and other tools, please purchase the Change Planning Toolkit™ – Individual Bronze License instead.

People who purchase the book after it launches will also be able to get access to the Basic License of the Change Planning Toolkit™ (contact me with proof of purchase).

Your purchase of the Basic License will get you:

  1. An eBook version of Charting Change (Second Edition)
  2. PDF downloads of select toolkit components (for individual educational use only)
  3. PDF download of the Change Planning Canvas™ (for individual educational use only)
  4. Free access to thought leadership articles
  5. Free monthly email newsletter
  6. Upgrade to a Bronze License at any time
  7. Upgrade to a Site License at any time

NOTE: These materials are provided for individual educational use. A very affordable site license or commercial license is required to use the materials for commercial or professional use.


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