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What is Human-Centered Change?

Arriving into the profession of change management and leadership honestly, having led organizational change programs for world-beating organizations like Wunderman and Microsoft, I’m excited to help others take their change efforts to new heights using new tools. People Are the … Continue reading

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What is Change Management?

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is an incredibly important part of management science, but a very immature part. So immature in fact that as the profession began to coalesce the unfortunate decision was made to anchor on the term change management … Continue reading

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Going Beyond the Business Model Canvas

For decades when business people and aspiring entrepreneurs came up with an idea and became serious about commercializing it, they would, by default, create a business plan. Anyone who has ever created a business plan knows they are a LOT … Continue reading

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Top 10 Benefits of the Change Planning Toolkit™

Some of the smartest people and organizations in the world are learning how to use the Change Planning Toolkit™ to change how they plan and execute change and to undertake the transformation work necessary to thrive in the experience economy. … Continue reading

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What is the Cost of a Failed Change Initiative or Innovation Project?

It seems like a simple question. One that you would expect to lead to some risk mitigation behavior, but it doesn’t. And when you consider that companies are spending an increasing amount of their budget on technology and working to … Continue reading

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