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Whither Innovation in Indiana?

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about homosexuality and whether it has any impact on innovation. There probably are two no more polarizing topics in the United States than homosexuality and abortion. But the truth is that if … Continue reading

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The New Reinvigoration of American Manufacturing

As wages and shipping costs rise abroad, unemployment stays high at home, and strategic discontent with offshoring grows, U.S. Manufacturing finds itself facing its best chance at staging a comeback. American companies are considering a reversal of offshoring and outsourcing … Continue reading

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Keep Your Innovation Nerve

It is much easier to lose your nerve than it is to regain it, so better not to lose it in the first place. I have lost my nerve before and made decisions I regretted for a long time after … Continue reading

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External Talent Strategies for a Global Talent Pool

Why Having an External Talent Strategy is Becoming Increasingly Important The old way of winning the talent wars was to search for and hire the very best talent and keep them inside your own four walls by offering them competitive … Continue reading

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Innovating Through Downturns

While most individuals and organizations natural reaction to an economic downturn is fear and retrenchment, they also present a time of great opportunity. Where would Microsoft be if they hadn’t continued investing through the downturn of the early 90’s? Microsoft … Continue reading

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