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How to Balance a Culture of Conformity with Creativity in Medicine

GUEST POST from Arlen Meyers, M.D. Medicine, by its nature, is a culture of conformity. We are trained to do no harm, be risk averse, and conform to the standard of care. We follow “best practices” i.e. what everyone else … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Perfect Entrepreneur

GUEST POST from Arlen Meyers “Perfect is the enemy of good” is a quote usually attributed to Voltaire. He actually wrote that the “best is the enemy of the good” (il meglio è nemico del bene) and cited it as an … Continue reading

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Should the Government Encourage Innovation?

“We need to out-innovate, outeducate, and outbuild the rest of the world” – United States President Barack Obama In the quote above the American President implies that it is somehow the role of the government to drive innovation? But can … Continue reading

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Key to Innovation Success Revealed!

Achieving innovation success is not easy. Sustaining innovation success is even harder. The list of innovative companies that no longer exist is long, and some of the biggest enemies of innovation are ultimately complacency and resistance to change. So what … Continue reading

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Innovation Quotes of the Day – May 11, 2012

“Framing and reframing the right problem is perhaps the most important attribute of success. No pain (problem), no gain (solution).?” – Sanjiv Karani “You must find a way to create resource flexibility. Organizations that want to continue to grow and … Continue reading

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