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Are you competing at cloud speed?

We live in an era of constant, accelerating change, and the only organizations that are equipped to keep pace are those that are capable of competing at cloud speed. Does trading out packaged software installed on your own servers for … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Autonomous Teaching Methods

An estimated 250 million children around the world cannot read, write, or demonstrate basic arithmetic skills. Many of these children are in developing countries without regular access to quality schools or teachers. While programs exist to build schools and train … Continue reading

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Innovation Culture Battle Royale

Earlier this month I wrote an innovation culture white paper for Planview titled “Five Ways to Make Your Innovation Culture Smell Better” that is getting a great response after my appearance as a keynote speaker at the Pipeline 2014 conference … Continue reading

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Making People Dance Instead of Jaywalk

I love anything that is fun and investigates human psychology, especially crowd psychology, and the investigation of how you can use fun to potentially influence human behavior for social good (i.e. the piano stairs example I’ve shared before). Nobody likes … Continue reading

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A Simple Idea to Save Oil

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Here is a great marketing campaign from S-Oil in South Korea which took the challenge of finding ways to decrease oil consumption in South Korea and turned it into a marketing campaign: In … Continue reading

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What Do You Do When People Say Your Logo Looks Like *#&@?

Recently The Hershey Company decided to update their logo and since it’s launch they’ve been getting a lot of negative buzz surrounding the new logo because some people think that part of the logo looks like a steaming pile of … Continue reading

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Speeding Innovation to Africa

I came across an interesting crowdfunding site called The 1% Club. What makes it interesting it that is designed to help launch improvement projects in Africa that will make it cleaner, safer, and/or friendlier through a partnership between charity (Dutch … Continue reading

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Is there a market for Smartwatches? Can Apple create one?

Okay, it’s been a week since the Apple Watch was announced, and do you know what the world’s most popular wearable is likely to be for 2014/2015? It’s not the iWatch, but the iPhone 6, which is breaking the pre-sales … Continue reading

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Improving Education for 20 Cents a Student

I love examples of simple, inexpensive solutions that solve important problems. Solutions like the water bottle light, the gravity light, etc., and Mike Freeston was kind enough to send this most recent example that I will share with you today. … Continue reading

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Will Health Sensors Make iWatch the Must Have Wearable?

Back in the 1990’s NBC referred to Thursday night as must watch television, and when it comes to making the transformation from invention to innovation, an innovation often needs a ‘Must Have’ feature. So, with rumors swirling about the potential … Continue reading

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