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Apple Announces Name Change to App-le

First Apple changed its name from Apple Computer to Apple to better reflect a business focus that was extending beyond computers to music players, smartphones, digital music sales, and more. And last week Apple announced a flurry of new products … Continue reading

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Is there a market for Smartwatches? Can Apple create one?

Okay, it’s been a week since the Apple Watch was announced, and do you know what the world’s most popular wearable is likely to be for 2014/2015? It’s not the iWatch, but the iPhone 6, which is breaking the pre-sales … Continue reading

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How to Design Like Apple

Steve Jobs was a notorious perfectionist. Apple engineers and designers went through hundreds of revisions on every prototype that made it into his hands. But Jobs’ maniacal obsession paid off. No gadget on the market is as instantly recognizable nor … Continue reading

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Apple Touches on a Potential Innovation Integration

Recently Apple announced its intention to acquire Authentec, a biometric authentication company. Apple was in a real hurry to complete the acquisition and it makes you wonder whether Authentec’s fingerprint authentication technology will make it into the home button of … Continue reading

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Veracity Required for Innovation Success

A recent post by Jeffrey Phillips titled Velocity is the Only Innovation Outcome That Matters sparked respectful disagreement inside me. I believe that when it comes to innovation, veracity is more important than velocity. Let’s look at the definition of … Continue reading

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Innovation Requires Diagonal Thinking

The outcome of a back and forth of a dialog on Twitter with Scramray E. Pinkus generated a lovely quote worth sharing: “Innovating is like thinking diagonally. A perfect combination of both linear and lateral.” – Scramray E. Pinkus (@Easelton) … Continue reading

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Personal Innovation – Star Shining Example

I came across a queue reduction application for the iPhone and iPod Touch four years ago that was intriguing. At the time it looked like the application wasn’t quite finished or certified for use yet by Apple and Starbucks, but … Continue reading

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‘Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire’ on Kindle

Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire – A Roadmap to a Sustainable Culture of Ingenuity and Purpose is now available for Amazon Kindle both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Enjoy the book on your iPad, Kindle, Nook, iPhone, … Continue reading

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