10 Free Human-Centered Change™ Tools


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The Human-Centered Change™ methodology from Braden Kelley is introduced in the book Charting Change (Second Edition) from Palgrave Macmillan.

The book highlights best practices of organizational change and introduces next practices for making change efforts (including projects) a more visual, collaborative, and human exercise, enabling you to get everyone literally on the same page for change.

The Human-Centered Change™ methodology helps organizations:

  • Beat the 70% failure rate for change efforts
  • Quickly visualize, plan and execute change efforts
  • Deliver more projects and change efforts on-time
  • Accelerate implementation and adoption

This download includes 10 FREE DOWNLOADS from the Change Planning Toolkit™ that I am making available to the world on this web site. An introduction to each of the included downloads follows:

1. The Five Keys to Successful Change help organizations:

  • Architect the organization for continuous change
  • Proactively consider all five elements of organizational change and visualize the relationships between them
  • Better organize change efforts for success
  • Prepare for a new organizational architecture

2. Architecting the Organization for Change helps organizations:

  • Visualize a new way to increase organizational agility
  • Integrate changes in the marketplace and customer behavior into the strategy
  • Create a new organizational architecture that integrates all five elements of organizational change
  • Make project, behavior and communications planning and management a central component of your change efforts

3. Building a Global Sensing Network helps organizations:

  • Accelerate their innovation efforts
  • Create more fluid organizational boundaries
  • Embrace a more open approach to innovation
  • Monitor emerging and evolving technologies
  • Track changes in customer behavior in the unending search for new insight-driven ideas

4. The Visual Project Charter™ helps organizations:

  • Move beyond the Microsoft Word document
  • Make the creation of Project Charters more fun!
  • Kickoff projects in a more collaborative, more visual way
  • Structure dialogue to capture the project overview, project scope, project conditions and project approach

5. The Motivation Ability Worksheet helps organizations that utilize the Six Sources of Influence framework highlighted in the book Change Anything by Kerry Patterson and Joseph Grenny to:

  • Explore the differences between people’s motivation to change and their ability to change
  • Examine change drivers by exploring the characteristics in the personal, social, and structural domains

6. The PCC Change Readiness Framework helps organizations:

  • Better understand the organization’s readiness for change
  • Consider the readiness of individuals for change
  • Explore the three pillars of psychology, capability and capacity for change
  • Greatly influence success or failure of your change efforts

7. Eight I’s of Infinite Innovation™ helps organizations:

  • Establish a common language of innovation
  • Shift from project-centric innovation to continuous innovation
  • Make inspiration central to their innovation efforts
  • Follow an iterative process that evolves promising ideas and cancels out ideas you can’t successfully commercialize

8. ACMP Standard for Change Management® (Visualization) helps organizations:

  • Outlines generally accepted practices, processes, tasks and activities used by change management practitioners across multiple roles, organizations and industries.
  • Provides a clear and consistent vocabulary of essential change management terminology and offers guidance for organizational change mgmt. for any type of change.
  • Supports organization decision making regarding change management resources.

9. The Organizational Agility Framework helps organizations:

  • Adapt to changing environmental conditions
  • Stretch existing resources and the organization itself to do new things in new ways
  • Enable faster change inside the organization and faster adoption by customers
  • Evolve profitable customer relationships to keep the organization strong and vibrant

10. The Eleven Change Roles™ help organizations:

  • Get the right people in the room and engaged for change
  • Focus more on knowledge than authority
  • Create a change planning group than can drive success
  • Inject considered viewpoints into change planning process
  • Build a more holistic change plan

These free downloads are provided as 11″ x 17″ scalable PDFs that I am making available for your individual educational use to help people visualize that successful change is about more than change management, about more than change leadership. There are many more valuable tools highlighted in the book Charting Change (Second Edition) and in the Change Planning Toolkit™.

UPDATE: As a special bonus I have added example QuickStart Guide content from the Bronze Version of the Change Planning Toolkit™ into this 10 Free Tools download file.


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