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Four Reasons the Big Quit Exists

Turns out the pandemic prompted mass numbers of employees finally say, “take this job and shove it” to employers and careers they don’t like. Life is too short to be miserable at work. In a recent NICE Webinar, we discussed … Continue reading

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A Brave Post-Coronavirus New World

GUEST POST from Greg Satell In 1973, in the wake of the Arab defeat in the Yom Kippur war with Israel, OPEC instituted an oil embargo on America and its allies. The immediate effects of the crisis was a surge … Continue reading

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Cognitive Bandwidth – Staying Innovative in ‘Interesting’ Times

GUEST POST from Pete Foley ‘May you live in interesting times’ is the English translation of an ancient Chinese curse. Superficially presented as a blessing, its true meaning is of course far from positive. As memes go, it has lasted … Continue reading

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Innovation in the time of Covid – Satisfycing Organizations

GUEST POST from Pete Foley Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about consumer habits, and how to change or reinforce them.  As innovators that’s pretty central to our job.  And Covid has presented us with a unique … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Presents an Opportunity to Create an Innovation Culture

GUEST POST from Pete Foley I left P&G about eight years ago, and one of my last jobs involved working on innovation culture.  It was a passion project, and the topic of one of my first blogs published outside of … Continue reading

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Mask of the Road Warrior – The Xupermask

WILL.I.AM and Honeywell have collaborated to bring the Xupermask to market. What is the Xupermask? It’s probably easiest to describe the Xupermask as equal parts: health & safety equipment, personal electronics, and fashion statement. At its heart the Xupermask is … Continue reading

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Open Source Respirator and Low Cost Ventilator Efforts to Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NOTE: Nothing on this page is intended as medical advice. My only goal is to make information available so that people can get involved with co-innovation efforts and share resources that can be leveraged in crisis situations. Calling all doctors, … Continue reading

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