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Let’s Chat About the Language of Innovation

It was bound to happen sooner or later… What is it you might ask? Well, it is the recognition that the language we use (and more importantly, having a common language) when it comes to innovation, to change, or to … Continue reading

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Back End of Innovation Wrapup

I had the opportunity to speak at the Back End of Innovation (BEI) Conference recently in Silicon Valley. There was a good roster of thought leader and innovation practitioner speakers and before my speech I attended several of the other … Continue reading

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Pull Marketing – Upside Down Social Web Design

Picking up where my hugely popular article ‘Rise of the Social Business Architect‘ (PDF) leaves off, I thought I would examine the world of web design in a world where the tools of social media are becoming increasingly important and … Continue reading

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Who is in Your Social Media Band?

It used to be that when you formed a rock band to seek fame and fortune, all you had to do was find a lead singer, a guitarist, a bass player, a drummer, and maybe another guitarist or a keyboard … Continue reading

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How Not to Do Social Media

Despite the fact that Twitter has been around since 2006 and Facebook has been around since 2004, social media is still the bright shiny object in the room (it’s still the current marketing fad). People still think they are being … Continue reading

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Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire on Twitter

#innochat this Thursday with author Braden Kelley On Thursday, November 18, 2010 at Noon EST I will be participating in a twitter chat at #innochat (6PM in Europe, 9AM on the west coast). One great way to follow along is … Continue reading

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Joy is BMW – Marketing Innovation or Marketing Failure?

I came across the following video of a BMW advertising installation thanks to a tweet from Blogging Innovation contributor @RowanGibson and I think it serves as a perfect case study of how one firm – in this case BMW – … Continue reading

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Twitter in the Classroom

During Clayton Christensen’s talk at the World Innovation Forum about innovation in education and healthcare, Dr. Christensen made a point about how technology will move more of education out of the classroom and onto the Internet. He was mostly speaking … Continue reading

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