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Zoom Tutorial – Amazing New PowerPoint Background Feature

EPISODE SIX – Ask the Consultant

Today in EPISODE SIX of Ask the Consultant, host Braden Kelley shows you how to take advantage of an amazing new Zoom feature that lets you easily create compelling videos with PowerPoint slides over your shoulder in the background.

This is a way better method of presenting slides than having your camera on and sharing your screen.

This video is itself an example of what you can do with this new Zoom feature (currently in BETA) and inside I’ll show you step by step how to do it.

This zoom tutorial will help all of the following people be more efficient and effective:

It shows how to simply do what previously took third-party apps like mmhmm or post-production video editing knowledge and lots of time to achieve. It’s so easy that I can finally get around to recording Change Planning Toolkit™ eLearning and certification programs.

So, stay tuned!

Surprise people the next time you present on Zoom or record more compelling instructional videos and e-Learning to power your business or engage your students.

Now would be a great time to hire me to do a virtual keynote for your organization to empower your employees with greater knowledge and capabilities around innovation, change, transformation or design thinking.

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Quick Reminder of Steps to Create Over the Shoulder Slides in Zoom


  1. Create a new PowerPoint (13.33” x 7.5” works well)
  2. Choose a Background for your Zoom slides
  3. Fill default wide-screen format of all slides
  4. Copy slide from source presentation and paste it as an image onto one of your new background slides
  5. Resize pasted slide image to be 9.5” wide
  6. Position slide image upper right with ¼” border
  7. Repeat


  1. Open Zoom
  2. Start a Meeting
  3. Click the Start Video icon (ALT + V)
  4. Click the Screen Sharing icon (ALT + S)
  5. Click the Advanced tab
  6. Click on ‘PowerPoint as Virtual Background’
  7. Select Your PowerPoint to import as a background

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Start 2014 with an Innovation Catalyst Certification

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The Level 1 Certification for Innovation Associates will be much more involved, but to give people a taste of what will be included the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) has created the FREE Innovation Catalyst certification, and because it is a subset of the Level 1 content, it will help you get off to a running start in the achievement of the other more detailed levels.

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