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Thought of the Day – July 30, 2014

I hope every parent (and person) out there will ponder the following question: Are you teaching your kids to watch other people do things, OR are they learning to do things other people will find worth watching? You can apply … Continue reading

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Should the Government Encourage Innovation?

“We need to out-innovate, outeducate, and outbuild the rest of the world” – United States President Barack Obama In the quote above the American President implies that it is somehow the role of the government to drive innovation? But can … Continue reading

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Things Every Manager Should Know About Innovation

“In the 1980s, the [watchword] was quality; today, it’s innovation . . . But the two are not mutually exclusive . . . Now we want superior quality and faster cost reduction, plus innovation—all at once.” — Harry Burritt , … Continue reading

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How would you create an oil lamp out of an orange?

Often innovation comes as a result of someone looking at things differently. And as I’ve laid out in the Eight I’s of Infinite Innovation framework, innovation starts with inspiration. If you missed haven’t seen the framework, click the link in … Continue reading

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Why the Maker Movement Matters

The Maker movement is steadily gaining steam and some cities are looking to help it grow and thrive, seeing it as an opportunity to inspire artists and entrepreneurs. One such city is Edmonton, which lies in the Alberta province of … Continue reading

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