Interview for Top 75 Disruptive Experts Series

Interview for Top 75 Disruptive Experts SeriesAs part of Bill Jensen’s series of interviews with the Top 75 Disruptive Experts from around the globe, I had the opportunity to sit down with Bill and discuss several different questions about disruption in this video interview, including:

  1. Introduction
  2. My Favorite Disruptive Hero
  3. My Value Innovation Framework
  4. My Favorite Disruptive Change
  5. The Disruptive Change I Struggle With

Some of the key points I make in the video are importance of recognizing opportunities and seizing them, the impact of online services on how we all relate to each other and conduct our lives, my view on the key components to creating innovation success, and finally some thoughts on how evolving mobile capabilities are already changing our lives and how mobile will continue to change us (aka the mobile-centered human experience). Hope you enjoy it!

If you would like to schedule an interview with me for your online, television, print, or radio program, please contact me.

About Braden Kelley

Braden Kelley is a Director of Design Thinking, Innovation and Transformation at Oracle, a popular innovation speaker, workshop leader, and creator of The Change Planning Toolkit™. He is the author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons and Charting Change from Palgrave Macmillan. Braden has been advising companies since 1996, while living and working in England, Germany, and the United States. Braden earned his MBA from top-rated London Business School. Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.
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