The Human-Centered Change™ Methodology is Now Available

Human-Centered Change™The Change Planning Toolkit™ is finally here!

Following the success of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, it has become abundantly clear in my work with clients that for any organization to be good at innovation they must be good at change.

Not surprisingly, research shows that 70% of change efforts fail. There are many reasons why, including that many people find the planning of a change effort overwhelming and lack tools for making the process more visual, collaborative and human.

Putting my two decades of research together with my project management and change leadership experience with clients, I have distilled key insights into the Human-Centered Change™ methodology and captured it in a new book Charting Change (Feb 2016) and a suite of tools to help get everyone literally on the same page for change.

Get 10 Free Downloads from the Change Planning Toolkit™I am making 10 Free Human-Centered Change™ Tools from the toolkit available as 11″x17″ samples,
Get 26 of the 50+ Change Planning Toolkit™ toolsbut book buyers will get access to the Change Planning Toolkit™ Basic License (26 of 50+ tools) at 11″x17″ size — a $500 value,
Get all 50+ tools in the Change Planning Toolkit™and buyers of the Change Planning Toolkit™ Bronze License will get access to all 50+ tools for individual educational use at an 11″x17″ size — a $1,200 value.

Change Planning Toolkit Levels and Free Downloads

Innovation and Change Speaker and Author Braden KelleySite licenses are available for professional or commercial use starting at $2/yr per employee*, and include access to poster size versions of many of the tools (35″x56″), along with public or private training sessions. Click here for more information and pricing.

I am very excited to share with you the Change Planning Toolkit™, including the popular Visual Project Charter™, Change Planning Canvas™ and many other great tools for increasing your change success!

Increase your consulting revenue or your organizational agility and get a jump on your competition!

Click here to access the Human-Centered Change™ tools

*Bronze Site Licenses have a one-time setup fee of $299. Site License fee based on total number of employees in the organization.

Below you’ll find a downloadable presentation that gives you five reasons to invest in the Change Planning Toolkit™ in case you need help convincing your boss to let you make the nominal expenditure or to fund a site license or private event to train you and your team and trainers.

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One thought on “The Human-Centered Change™ Methodology is Now Available

  1. Henry

    Being part of a small company whose work focuses on incubating and nurturing innovation among other small businesses this article absolutely hit the nail on the head (as we say in the UK).

    While we do have a satisfactorily high level of success it’s always a big disappointment to us when the teams we work with fail to embrace change – often that ends in failure.

    A large part of our work revolves around encouraging, or at least fostering an environment for, change and it has to be said that only those embracing it will ultimately succeed.

    Good stuff Braden, keep up the great work.

    (Now, who’s moved my cheese)


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