Should I use 99Designs or Crowdspring?

I’m working to get a card deck, posters, and a mobile app designed for my Nine Innovation Roles and I have a simple question for my readers out there:

Do you think I should use 99Designs or Crowdspring for my design challenge?

Or does someone out there already have an awesome design idea for a deluxe tarot-style approach for the visuals to go with my Nine Innovation Roles product offerings?

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4 thoughts on “Should I use 99Designs or Crowdspring?

  1. Gokul

    OK. I have no experience in ‘buying’
    I am a creative. Let me share what is good for a creative, assuming the very fact that a creative needs something good for him to come out with good creations, which in turn good for a buyer.

    I have not much experience with 99designs, I work with crowdspring I will explain why.
    Sorry if I give you some wrong information though I take care

    # – 99designs & – crowdSPRING

    # Buyer decides how much to pay
    &Buyer has some options, but he or she can not say I will pay $25 for this amazing work

    #Buyer can wind up, go home leaving any time
    &Buyer has commitment by pre paying the project and has money back guarantee based on some criteria. Once the buyer is thru with that, he has to pay a creative

    #the portal seems to be buyer centric which a creative may fail to appreciate
    & Though business is business, they know creatives are core part of the business


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