Eight Innovation Executive Types

Eight Innovation Executive Types

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Don’t put your leaders in boxes, but don’t ignore the signs neither. Look for traits, behaviors and action – or lack there or. Use the insight to make your leaders and executive teams – and thus your organization – even better at shaping the future.

1. No problem

‪The best scenario = executives who understand, get personally involved‬. Hint: Influence, upgrade other executives, key people together

2. No need

If someone really thinks innovation is not needed, you’re in trouble. Hint: Analyze reasons, consider actions – if any (just walk away?)

3. No results

Been there. It’s not worth it. Hint: Get small wins, back up with data, build credibility

4. No time

Sorry, but day-to-day activities are more important. Hint: Align initiatives, everyone wins w/o extra time needed

5. No money

Minimum budgets for execution, corporate capabilities. Hint: Focus on people, show ROI

6. Talk but no walk

Many talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. Hint: Proof there is more talk than walk, constructive confrontation

7. No responsibility

Talk with Sandra. That’s why she’s our CIO. Hint: It’s is everyone’s responsibility, align initiatives

8. No clue

Sorry, no training on this. I don’t know how it works. Hint: You can work with this, upgrade and support


Stefan Lindegaard Eight Innovation Executive Types

Image Credit: Stefan Lindegaard, Pexels

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