Effective Conversational Marketing

A few years ago I published a white paper on “Effective Conversational Marketing” and it is still relevant today as my service offering evolves to a B2B Pull Marketing focus.

Here is an excerpt:


What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is relationship marketing for the social media age. Thinking about your marketing efforts in terms of a conversation changes the approach and better integrates social media. Relationships are something that are formed, but conversations are ongoing and evolving and require both sides to participate.

How Social Media Fits In

Effective Conversational MarketingIt seems like I can’t get through a day right now without hearing somebody in the media or on the street talking about social media. I think it is great that social media has captured people’s attention, but will having more communication channels improve conversational marketing?

Only if properly integrated into the conversations between consumers and companies.

To do this, social media must be established both as part of your on-going conversational marketing programs (on-boarding, loyalty, retention, etc.) and also integrated into your ad hoc or seasonal marketing campaigns.”

Download the complete “Effective Conversational Marketing” white paper in PDF form.

One thing is for sure. Effective conversational marketing is central to successful pull marketing strategy and your overall marketing investments.

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