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Did you like Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire?

Did you like Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire?My book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire has gotten a lot of great reviews on Amazon already, and several likes, and an increasing number of companies are buying it in bulk to help set a common language of innovation in their organization.

I am constantly humbled by the support that people show for my writing, most recently in a post on the Harvard Business Review Blog by Scott D Anthony titled The Making of an Innovation Master.

If you would like to show support for my writing endeavors, please click the ‘like’ button on Amazon (the international flavors have like buttons too).

If you have already read the book, please let others know what you found useful or valuable about it by writing a short review on your favorite book site. Don’t forget to grab your free stuff here.

And if you would like to build a common language of innovation in your organization, I can help organize a bulk order at up to 35% off the list price for USA deliveries (usually with no shipping and no tax) through a bookseller I’ve had great success with – just contact me. 800-CEO-READ also does a great job with bulk orders and can do some customizations.

Thank you very much for showing your support for Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire.

Happy Innovating!

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