The Benefits of Human-Centered Design in Business

The Benefits of Human-Centered Design in Business

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Human-Centered Design (HCD) is a customer-centric approach to product design, marketing, business development and customer service that is quickly becoming an important business strategy. HCD focuses on understanding the needs and desires of customers, enabling companies to better understand the desires of their customers, develop more competitive products and services, and create more effective long-term customer relationships.

There are many benefits to the application of HCD in business, such as enhancing innovation, improving customer loyalty, and reducing development costs. HCD is also an effective tool for gaining insights into customer needs and wants, enabling companies to create better products and services that meet those needs and wants. Let’s take a look at the key advantages of applying Human-Centered Design in business, through two case studies.

Case study 1 – L.L. Bean

The US-based retail apparel brand, L.L. Bean, wanted to create an omnichannel retail experience for their customers. To achieve this, they employed human-centered design, allowing them to understand how customers shop, how they expect their shopping experience to be, and what they value from the experience. The HCD approach enabled them to develop a personalized experience that satisfied their customers’ needs and wants, and resulted in a 50% increase in their online sales within the first three months of the implementation.

Case study 2 – House of Fraser

The UK-based lifestyle retailer, House of Fraser, was facing increasing competition from online retailers such as Amazon and needed to make a competitive shift in their business. To do so, they incorporated a human-centered design process into their digital transformation plan. Through user research, interviews, and market analysis, they identified key customer needs and demands, enabling them to develop innovative products and customer service offerings that met their customers’ requirements. This resulted in increased customer loyalty and an improvement in market share.


Clearly, there are numerous benefits to using human-centered design in business. By allowing companies to gain insights into their customers’ needs and wants, and to create better products and services that meet those needs and wants, HCD can help businesses stand out in their competitive environment. Furthermore, by enabling companies to focus on customer satisfaction, HCD can promote consumer loyalty and increase market share. If you are a business looking to remain competitive in today’s market, then implementing Human-Centered Design could be a great strategy for you.

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