Exploring the Benefits of Group Foresight

Exploring the Benefits of Group Foresight

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Foresight is the process of predicting the future, whether it is on an individual, organizational, or industry level. Group foresight allows multiple voices and points of view to be stimulating discussions and debates, offering valuable insights for accurate future predictions. Group foresight offers multiple benefits, which has been evident in a range of case studies.

Collaboration and Critical Thinking

The first benefit of group foresight is that it encourages collaboration and critical thinking. This is important to breaking into new areas of analysis, as different perspectives and ideas can open a new dialogue on a particular topic. In a case study conducted by the University of Dayton, faculty leaders explored possible scenarios for their university’s future. The group was asked to explore the various diverse University contexts, such as the changing student demographics and the regulatory environment, among other things. Through a facilitated discussion among the participants, a collective vision for the University’s future was created, which was later implemented in the University’s strategic plan.

Understanding the External Environment

The second benefit of group foresight is that it creates an understanding of the external environment. This is especially important in industries like finance, which are under constant market fluctuation and change. Group foresight can provide a platform for discerning underlying trends in the market and seeing their potential impact on the organization’s future. In a case study conducted by the Foresight Team of the Bank of Australia, the team organized a series of workshops, where different stakeholders were invited to explore future scenarios and analyze their potential impacts. These workshops allowed the participants to gain an insight into the future of the market and the industry, thus enabling the Bank to better position itself in this constantly changing environment.


Group foresight is a valuable tool for organizations and businesses looking to take a deeper dive into the future. By encouraging collaboration and critical thinking, as well as understanding the external environment, group foresight provides insights on how to create and implement successful plans. These benefits are evident from a range of case studies, making it a valuable tool for any organization looking towards the future.

Bottom line: Futurology is not fortune telling. Futurists use a scientific approach to create their deliverables, but a methodology and tools like those in FutureHacking™ can empower anyone to engage in futurology themselves.

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