Charting Change – Kindle Price Reduction

Charting Change is Number OneI’m super excited how well my new book Charting Change is doing on various Amazon sites around the world (USA, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR, JP)!

Charting Change has been the number one new release on Amazon for at least “Business Management” and “Production & Operations” so far. It also was the #2 new release for “Organizational Change” and probably #1 too (but I think I missed getting a screenshot).

The book is currently available on Kindle and as a hardcover, and I’m excited to announce that the publisher has reduced the price on the Kindle version to make it more accessible to people worldwide. More news on other ebook versions coming soon!

For those of you who already have the book, I hope you are enjoying it and leave an Amazon review when you finish! 🙂

Please feel free to ask questions about the book below.

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