Latest Apple Innovation You Won’t See

Apple announced a new Macbook Pro with a Retina Display and an all flash architecture, but I think its most important design innovation is one you won’t see. The video below gives a good introduction to what they’ve done with the new Macbook Pro from a design perspective, but more importantly it reinforces some things we should all think about when trying to innovate:

After looking at the new tech that they packed into the design, the two most important inventions I saw that are likely to become innovations were:

  1. The asymetrical fans to reduce perceptible fan noise
  2. Expanding the unibody approach to incorporate the display

Asymetrical fans to spread out the noise signatures and make it seem quieter to the user?

Why didn’t anyone think of that sooner?

Well, I’m sure someone else did, but Apple seems to be the first one to ship it in a notebook in quantity, and if it works well I’m sure the rest of us who don’t want to spend $2,200 for a laptop will benefit as other manufacturers rush to adopt the approach.

A nice subtle pop song choice for the background too – Paradise.

Watch the video, be inpired, and be reminded that reimagining things and paying attention to detail are always key to designing insanely great products. 🙂

Happy innovating!

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