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Innovation Speaker and Author Braden KelleyEvery successful organization began as a nimble, innovative startup with the ability to course-correct and quickly adapt to the needs of its customers. But along the way, success and growth cause changes in the structure, the culture, and sometimes even the vision of organizations. Successful, growing organizations often focus on driving out the operational inefficiencies they maintained during their startup phase, and unintentionally erect barriers to innovation along the way.

When organizations realize that they need to innovate, they find that they struggle to do so. Often organizations make the mistake of copying the artifacts they observe or read about in case studies to boost their innovation. Instead, organizations need to look internally to build new organizational capabilities that will enable them to create their own artifacts.

My new book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire will help readers identify the innovation blockages specific to their organization and teach them the fundamental changes that will help their organizations rebuild their hidden or lost innovation capabilities. Where appropriate we will leverage and evolve other leading innovation theories into coherent, practical applications that readers can implement in reinvigorating their organizations themselves – without expensive consultants.

Please help get the book off to a strong start by purchasing a copy (or one for each member of your team), and then reading and reviewing it on the retailer’s site or on your own personal blog. If you love Blogging Innovation, then you’ll love the book, and getting a copy of the book is a great vote of support for the work we are doing to make innovation insights accessible for the greater good.

A lot of hard work went into this book to make it accessible for innovators and managers in organizations of all sizes, while at the same time, it is also structured in such a way that it could be very useful in an academic setting.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book!

Here are a few of the advance reviews and interviews for Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire:

Here are a few of the endorsements of the book:

Steve Faktor“Innovation is all about taming the unknown. In large companies, the unknown often goes unfunded. Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire arms you with the case studies you need to go from random spark to a steady burn.”

  • Steve Faktor, Vice President, Business Growth and Innovation, American Express

Chris Thoen - Procter & Gamble“Innovation is essential for the long-term success of companies. Braden Kelley provides individuals, organizations, and companies with a very powerful matchbox (tools and insights) to vigorously light their innovation bonfires! A must-read.”

  • Chris Thoen, Managing Director, Global Open Innovation Office, Procter & Gamble

Mark Bernstein - PARC“Braden Kelley has delivered a book that helps people move innovation from theory into practice. Given our experience innovating with clients over the past 40 years, I believe Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire shares many useful strategies and case studies showcasing what works. Most importantly, the book helps managers identify and address the barriers to innovation within their organization – a crucial step towards making sustainable change.”

  • Mark Bernstein, CEO of PARC

As you can see, the people who have received a sneak peak of the book so far have enjoyed it and I hope you will get yourself a copy and find something useful in it too. It is available for the Kindle in the UK and the USA, as an eBook from Barnes & Noble, and as a hardcover. Both electronic versions of the book also allow you to read it on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Android, etc.

Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire is now widely available in North America and is winging its way to online retailers and book shops in many countries around the world as we speak. Here is a list of many of the places it is available to purchase or pre-order. If we missed a big retailer in your country, please let us know:

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Sneak Peek

Download 'Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire' sample chapterIf you’ve read all the way to the bottom, then you deserve a free sample chapter from my new book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire. I hope you enjoy the sample chapter and consider purchasing the book as a way of supporting the blog.

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