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Pipeline 2010 Braden KelleyOn November 10, 2010 I will be delivering the closing keynote at Pipeline 2010 – The Online Conference for Innovative Product Development. The tagline for the event is “Connect with innovation and discover your potential” and the event is FREE and ONLINE.

The event is hosted by Planview and sponsored by Siemens, Kalypso, and Brightidea.

The two keynotes for this novel online event are:

The speaker roster for this November 10, 2010 event also includes:

  • Robert Shelton – PRTM
  • Maureen Carlson – Appleseed Partners
  • Matt Greene – Siemens
  • Thomas Hustad – PDMA
  • Louise K. Allen and Rob Reesor – Planview
  • Steven Cristol – Strategic Harmony Partners
  • Chad Jackson – Lifecycle Insights
  • John Milburn – Pragmatic Marketing
  • Bill Poston – Kalypso
  • Phil Ventimiglia – NCR
  • Vincent Carbone – Brightidea

I will be talking about some of the content from my new book – Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire – including the importance of speaking a common language, the power of simplicity, rediscovering your innovation superpowers, and the nine innovation roles.

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