Invest Yourself in All That You Do

Invest Yourself in Everything You Do

GUEST POST from Douglas Ferguson

Diversity of thought and diversity of perspective is crucial to innovative solutions within teams. Building a work culture around diversity and inclusion is proven to provide performance rates that outshine the competition.

“If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” — General George S. Patton Jr

The market environment that we find ourselves in is ever-changing, especially when we look at ideating and problem-solving in a remote or hybrid landscape. Being acutely aware that not only do you have a diverse workforce but that there are measures in place to promote psychological safety within that diverse pool of ideas and emotions will lead to a transformation from complex problem solving, into simple and often beautiful solutions. The critical fact here is that we must always be exploring ways to unleash everyone in order to promote true idea-sharing.

Matthew Reynolds, a dear friend, and peaceful warrior built a Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy inspired by finding a sense of belonging within the industry. By exploring how to shift the consciousness of humanity we begin to open the door to whom we think we are, we begin to discover our authentic self, and with that knowledge, we can shift our consciences to a more inclusive mindset. To hear more on Crafting Your Equity Lens, listen in on the Control the Room Podcast with Matthew.

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When we listen to ideas, like the one Matthew presents, and we take a moment to look inward, we begin to make important shifts within ourselves that have an outward effect. As John Coltrane says, “Invest yourself in everything you do. There is fun in being serious.” When you brake that down, and truly invest in shifting your perspective to one that embraces diversity and inclusion there is a natural shift into building a psychologically safe foundation for your community. When that is achieved, there is much and more fun to be had! Every voice being heard and appreciated means new ideas, and it means more effective problem-solving.

We hold diversity, equity, and inclusion very close here at Voltage Control as one of our core values and we invite you and your community to do the same.

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