The Key to Surviving a Digital Native Assault

The Key to Surviving a Digital Native Assault

Digital transformation has become an overused buzzword, much like innovation, because consulting and technology companies see it as an opportunity to create FOMO (fear of missing out) in their clients.

We now live in a digital age, and as a result, the pace of changes in customer expectations is accelerating. Not because technology is new, but because the way we react to technology and interact with it is different.

Our Changing Relationship with Technology

We’ve had technology for a while, but we used it primarily for performing calculations, and then for information storage and retrieval. But now, because the computer has moved from being a machine in a lab programmed with punch cards, to something nearly every one of us carries in our pocket or wears on our wrist, we’re beginning to form relationships with machines and more importantly, to use our machines to form, maintain, and even deepen, our human relationships.

People are more likely to freak out about leaving their mobile phone at home than their wallet. Soon you won’t even need to carry a wallet (unless you want to). Canada stopped making pennies. In Sweden many businesses no longer take cash. Have you tried buying a drink on an airplane lately? (no cash accepted there either)

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