Join me at the Global Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

Join Braden Kelley at the Global Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

Want to learn how to bring a design mindset to healthcare for innovation?

Join me in New York City next week – October 10-11, 2019 at the Global Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit, their annual conference where digital healthcare leaders from organizations around the world will meet to share innovation and transformation best practices.

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I’ll be doing a keynote and workshop that will give participants insights into how to involve everyone in your innovation efforts, explore the difference between digital transformation and digital strategy, how to incorporate design thinking in a healthcare context, and provide an opportunity to get hands-on experience with The Experiment Canvas™ from my forthcoming Human-Centered Innovation Toolkit™.

The Experiment Canvas by Braden Kelley

The Experiment Canvas™ is one of the many tools that I’ve already created for the Human-Centered Innovation Toolkit™, and it is an incredibly valuable tool for use by people following Design Sprint, Design Thinking or other innovation methodologies to craft and execute experiments.

If you’d like to get involved as a patron or premium sponsor to help finish toolkit development and distribution, please contact me.

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you next week in New York City!

Connect with me on Twitter (@innovate) to orchestrate a meetup to learn about my work at Oracle or to sit down with me at the event to explore any of the powerful tools in the Change Planning Toolkit™ or Human-Centered Innovation Toolkit™.

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