Send Me Your Questions About Change or Digital Transformation

Send Me Your Questions About Change or Digital Transformation

I’m planning on recording a webinar in the next couple of days titled An Introduction to the Change Planning Toolkit™ and before I do I would throw out an open call for questions:

  1. What have you always been curious about when it comes to organizational change?
  2. Where do you get stuck when it comes to achieving successful organizational change, adoption, or project completion?
  3. What do you think should be in the Change Planning Toolkit™?
  4. What have you always been curious about when it comes to the Change Planning Toolkit™ and how it helps you beat the 70% change failure rate?
  5. What have you always been curious about when it comes to digital transformation?

So, let me know what questions you have related to any of these five questions by Midnight (PDT) on Monday, April 9, 2018 in Seattle, WA (GMT -8:00) and I will do my best to answer them when I record the webinar.

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2 thoughts on “Send Me Your Questions About Change or Digital Transformation

  1. Rene

    Hi Braden, I wonder why you are still using the term “Digital Transformation” instead of just “Transformation” or “Organisational Transformation”? These days, I find “digital” is misleading and it doesn’t address the root causes of what needs to change (i.e. the culture, processes, incentive system). Does “Digital Transformation” sell better to your customers?

    1. Braden Kelley

      Hello Rene,

      Great question. Unfortunately the term ‘Digital Transformation’ has been corrupted by unscrupulous technology and consulting companies in the same way that innovation and many other terms before them have been.

      I use the term ‘Digital Transformation’ for its intended purpose and detailed my views on what ‘Digital Transformation’ is and isn’t in my previous articles:

      I wrote “Digital Transformation versus Digital Strategy” a couple of years ago when the corruption of the term Digital Transformation started to spiral out of control. The thrust of the article centered around these five questions:

      1. If I were to build this business today, given everything that I know about the industry and its customers, and given all of the advances in people, process, technology and tools, how would I design it?
      2. From the customers’ perspective, where does the value come from?
      3. What structure and systems would deliver the maximum value with the minimum waste?
      4. What are the barriers to adoption and the obstacles to delight for my product(s) and/or service(s) and how will my design help potential customers overcome them?
      5. Where is the friction in my business that the latest usage methods of people, process, technology, and tools can help eliminate?

      So yes there is a real reason and a purpose for using the term Digital Transformation. Everything else is organizational change and ‘Organizational Transformation’ and ‘Business Transformation’ is more consulting pornography.

      Change Planning Toolkit™ subscribers have access to several tools to help them think through a potential Digital Transformation and its potential impact on, and benefit for, customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

      Because at the end of the day a Digital Transformation, once defined and planned, becomes an organizational change effort too, which is what the Change Planning Toolkit™ was designed to help people plan and execute in a much more visual, collaborative and ultimately more effective way while also integrating with tools from the PMI, ACMP, and ADKAR.

      Hope this helps Rene!

      All the best,



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