Free Access – Mobilizing Your Innovation Army

In advance of the Back End of Innovation conference in sunny San Diego this October 17-19, 2011, IIR has made available a free recording of my webinar ‘Mobilizing Your Innovation Army’ that you can watch at your convenience.

Click here to watch ‘Mobilizing Your Innovation Army’

The Back End of Innovation conference is shaping up to a great event with lots of great speakers including John Kao, Donna Sturgess, and fellow Innovation Excellence co-founder Rowan Gibson.

In this webinar, I focus on:

  • The importance of building a common language of innovation
  • How to destroy the lone innovator myth
  • Ways to use The Nine Innovation Roles
  • Why big innovations often start small
  • How everyone can make a difference for innovation

Click here to watch a recording of ‘Mobilizing Your Innovation Army’

I hope to see you at the Back End of Innovation conference – October 17-19, 2011 in sunny San Diego.

Build a Common Language of Innovation

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One thought on “Free Access – Mobilizing Your Innovation Army

  1. Michele Stragà

    Hi all stems from a Hobby by a passion to invent mechanisms, using really what a person is in his basement
    The video I realize is very simple but you must concentrate on mechanical concept
    This prototype, not patented, would in my opinion worth deepened because the concept is right.Also confirmed by Dr. Ing. Heinrich Chiappini, University of L’Aquila.We take a metal disk and connect through four pins to a structure cross-shaped swivel to its end everything perfectly balanced, taking three of the four supports that combine disk to cross the structure will not be more balanced and so I will create a rotation, I am convinced that, with a mechanism of my invention, to build correctly with the usual financingto maintain this imbalance in the same position of maximum load, using less energy than that caused by the imbalance of the structure.
    It seems impossible but believe me you can do.Give me a chance to tell you about it and you’ll see that’s worth a try.
    I’m not asking exaggerated figures to build the prototype.It is called real money only in case of failure.It would have a huge gain having exclusive use, so why not try?
    Kind regards.
    Michele Stragà


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