Update – Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire

Beginning on October 5, 2010 my new book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire – A Roadmap to a Sustainable Culture of Ingenuity and Purpose will begin shipping from online retailers in the United States. It will be available from book stores and retailers outside the United States a week or so later.

If you’re curious about the book, you can look inside it on Amazon, or use Google Preview on the publisher’s web site.

Getting a copy of the book is a great way to support the blog and keep it free.

Click here to pre-order the book

Attendees of the Spigit Innovation Summit and readers of our monthly Innovation Insights newsletter have already received a free sample chapter from the book. This sample chapter will be made publicly available on September 20, 2010 when we announce the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2010.

And, for those of you with Apple iPads, Barnes & Noble Nooks, a smartphone, or a PC/Mac, you could be the first one on your block with the book thanks to our friends at Barnes & Noble. Check out the Newsflash:


Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire for eBookStoking Your Innovation Bonfire is available as an e-book in advance of its hardcover release at Barnes & Noble.com. Enjoy the book on your iPad, Nook, PC, or Mac before it is widely available.

Visit Barnes&Noble.com

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