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Designing Organizational Change and Transformation

Designing Organizational Change and Transformation

GUEST POST from Stefan Lindegaard

Over 40% of organizations report that change fatigue is their biggest barrier to organizational change. To combat this, we need to approach change processes from another perspective: a human-centered perspective.

It’s not just about adapting to what’s normal and settling into a routine; it’s about constant change. Companies that recognize constant change and embrace it thrive and remain resilient.

Changing the organizational mindset gives the people in your organization a chance to explore change and its opportunities while fostering a culture that embraces the unexpected.

This is the approach of Manyone where I in particular like that they believe change should be desirable, understandable and tangible.

A short breakdown of this:

Desirable change (show a bright future)

An opportunistic yet realistic approach is alpha omega when doing large-scale organizational change. We use design to facilitate the communication of your organization’s future state and vision and make it desirable for people to get onboard – opportunity over optimization.

Understandable change (extend the organizational mind)

Design-driven organizational change strives to create a collective intuition across the organization and highlight the challenges and forces that shape it. This gives the people a platform to understand the why, the how and the what of change. At the same time, preparing and inspiring them to overcome hidden biases and contribute with new ideas and initiatives.

Tangible change (make it concrete)

The approach encourages rapid design of the desired future through new processes, products and structures. Prototypes are created and used in different formats to explore and validate futures in the market and across the organization.

Stefan Lindegaard Manyone Illustration

Having recently joined Manyone, I really enjoy great approaches and great people in the context of transformation and change. Get in touch if you are curious for more.

Image Credit: Pixabay, Stefan Lindegaard

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